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Affiliate Program

New affiliates: Click Here to register

Note: this program is exclusive to Wildtree Reps.


Current Affiliates: Click HERE to login to your Affiliate Dashboard.  Click HERE to take a Tour! 


CURRENT AFFILIATES: Please register your events as soon as they are scheduled. Affiliate Event Registration Form (   This allows us to cross-reference orders with events for order accuracy and timely deliveries.


Hey Affiliate Partner! Here is everything you need to know about our program. 

Thank you so much for partnering with us in order to provide convenient meat/produce service directly to your customers. 

Each of you are incredibly valued and we want to go the extra mile to make partnering with us as SIMPLE & EASY as possible. So, we have created a PreSlicely Affiliate Toolkit to use as a quick reference.



Sharing PreSlicely With Your Customers

Wondering how to share this exciting new resource with your customers? Wonder no longer! We have included sample communications below for you to blast out in no time flat!

Sample Workshop Shopping & Prep Email 

Marketing Images for Social Media - We are always adding new images to Dropbox

30 Second Video Commercial 

Unboxing Video


Sharing PreSlicely With Your Team

Sample Email Sharing PreSlicely with your team - Copy & Paste into your email

Sample Team Facebook Post




  1.  How do I earn rewards?
  • Earn 3% on every order when your customers order through your affiliate order tracking link. (No minimum order and no cap!)
  • If you have not already done so, log into our affiliate portal to setup your affiliate account, payout method and begin tracking and managing your affiliate orders and rewards.  Please bookmark this page for future use:
  • We highly recommend you make a tiny.url for your Order Tracking Link (this will be emailed to you when you join the affiliate program).  For example: instead of using you can change it to:  (Of course you should use your name instead of John Henry’s.)  Visit to create your own link!
  • Please Note:  If you are found to be “gaming” the system or “double dipping” discounts in any way, you will be removed from the Affiliate Program immediately.  Please play fair.


  1.  How will I receive my Affiliate Rewards?
  • PreSlicely's payment vendor is PayPal ( Anyone can have a PayPal account.   It is a safe and free service to give and receive money.  Simply set up where you want your money to go (Paypal account or bank account) and when you receive payments it will instantly transfer to your account - no long wait times!
  • Log In to your Affiliate account:, access  your personal information, scroll down and click on the More Info button in the Payment By section.  Click the PayPal option and enter your PayPal email address.
  • Your rewards will be distributed monthly via PayPal once your commission reaches $25 or more. If you would like to receive your commission as a credit on an order, just email us. If you would like a payout before the $25 threshold, just email us. :-)


  1.  Do you offer a discount to Affiliate Reps?
  • You will receive commission on your personal orders too! Place an order through your personal PreSlicely link to get credit.
  1.   Do I still need to register my events with PreSlicely?
  1.  Do you contact my host or customers regarding their event?
  • As an Affiliate Rep, it is your responsibility to inform your host and customers about your Affiliate Direct Order Link and order deadline.  (Refer to our Shopping and Prep Email Template.)
  • We only contact your host/customer if we have a question regarding their order or to update them on their order delivery status.  
  1.  How do I know who placed orders using my Affiliate Direct Order Link?
  1.  Can I transfer my rewards?
  • You cannot officially transfer your awards to another affiliate or customer but you can use your rewards on their behalf.
  1.  What if my customers do not use my Affiliate Direct Order Link to place their order?
  • It is your responsibility to share your Affiliate Direct Order Link with all of your customers and coach them to use it for their orders.  (Refer to our Shopping and Prep Email Template.)
  • The Affiliate Program does not have a way to track any orders not logged through the Affiliate Direct Order Link so please make sharing your link a priority with all of your customers.
  1.  What are my order deadlines?
  • All orders must be submitted before 11:59 pm one week prior to the event date.


    1.  When/where will my orders be delivered?
    • All orders will be automatically shipped.
      • Click HERE to ensure your event’s zip code is within our shipping area.
      • All orders will be shipped directly to each CUSTOMER’S HOME to arrive the day BEFORE the event.
    • Due to FedEx Home Delivery service days, some orders may need to be delivered on a different day than the day before the event.
      • If the delivery date will be different than the day before the workshop, we will send an email to the customer notifying them their order will be shipped directly to THEIR HOME and the new date it will be delivered.


    1.  How are the orders shipped?
    • First we vacuum seal each meat item to ensure freshness and we package all grocery and produce items in USDA approved packaging.
    • Our packaging and shipping materials include a 1 ½” polystyrene cooler inside a cardboard box. We have done numerous tests and these coolers knock it out of the park when it comes to keeping things cold!
    • We have partnered with Fed Ex. They take great care of our packages and will send status updates through email. Please follow along and if anything is delayed contact us immediately.
      • Customers will be responsible for checking the status of their order using the tracking number provided and will have 24-hours after delivery to contact us if they have any concerns regarding their order.



    IMPORTANT:  PreSlicely has high standards when it comes to our products and we would never ship or sell meat if we knew it would not be fresh for when you planned on using it at an event. You can be confident that PreSlicely's owner, John Henry’s Meats, has done the research, worked with the butcher and the shipping company to confirm that the meat will be fresh and stay fresh for you in the vacuum seal.


    Once your order arrives, remove it from the shipping container and promptly place in a refrigerator.  In order to maximize freshness, DO NOT break the vacuum seal on the items until the day of the workshop.  This is very important as vacuum sealing ensures freshness for five days. If you workshop is delayed please instruct your customers to freezer their meats until it can be used.   


    When you break the vacuum seal, gases are released from the bag which may smell like sulfur. This is normal. Let the bag air out for a minute or two and the smell should dissipate. We use no preservatives or additives, so our meat may have a more natural smell than what you are used to.
    Furthermore, beef products may appear brownish in the vacuum sealed bag. This may be different than what you experience at the grocery store because we use no artificial colors or dyes. When you open the seal, and oxygen circulates around the meat, a more red or pinkish color will reappear.
    The day of the workshop, simply open each item and place them in individual gallon sized ziploc bags and take them in a cooler to your host’s home.