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Using PreSlicely is like working with your hometown butcher, but without the added retail storefront cost or the trip to the store!  Our Value, Natural, and Family Farm meats are priced competitively with a wholesale discount so you can get this added service without the added cost.  Our customers find that our prices are competitive with their local grocery store, except that they do not have to do the prep work!  Win-win!
Our pricing is based on the bundle you choose; each bundle has about 20-25 pounds of meat.  



We carefully portion, trim and chop ingredients for your selected meat and/or produce and grocery bundle. Please see the itemized list of included products on the product page.



  • All orders in the 1 Day Ship Zone must be submitted one week prior to the use date.
  • All orders in the 2 Day Ship Zone must be submitted seven business days prior to the use date.
  • All order in the 3 Day Ship Zone must be submitted eight business days prior to the use date.
  • Delivery beyond the 3 Day Ship Zone is not currently available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note: FedEx Home Delivery does not deliver on Sundays or Mondays.  

Due to FeEx Home Delivery's schedule we are never able to have packages scheduled for delivery on the following days corresponding with the following Ship Zones:

1-Day Ship Zone:  No Sunday or Monday deliveries. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

2-Day Ship Zone: No Sunday, Monday or Tuesday deliveries. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

3-Day Ship Zone: No Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday deliveries. (Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

FedEx Home Delivery is unable to deliver to all zip codes on Saturdays.  You can check out our shipping zip codes and Saturday restrictions here.

If you choose a delivery date on one of the days that is listed as a no-delivery day for your ship zone then we will ship your order to you to arrive on the earliest day possible prior to your chosen date (if possible).

If we cannot ship your order to arrive prior to your chosen delivery date then you will be contacted to choose a new delivery date.  

All orders that are marked as GROUP EVENTS (you choose this option in your shopping cart) will be shipped directly to each CUSTOMER’S HOME to arrive a minimum one day BEFORE the event. 

All orders that are marked as INDIVIDUAL ORDER/REORDER (you choose this option in your shopping cart) will be shipped directly to each CUSTOMER’S HOME to arrive on the date requested (if possible, see delivery schedules above). 

Example: If you are in our 2-day shipping zone, without Saturday delivery, and have a group event on Tuesday, we will have your order arrive the previous FRIDAY before your group event. Your meat will stay fresh in the vacuum sealed packaging in a refrigerator.

If you have questions about a particular party, please don't hesitate to reach out to for assistance and we will be happy to suggest an ideal arrival date for your customers.

PreSlicely has very high standards when it comes to our products and we would never ship or sell meat if we knew it would not be fresh for when you planned on using it. We have done the research, worked with our butcher, the health department and our shipping company to confirm that the meat will be fresh and stay fresh for you. To maximize freshness we vacuum seal all meat and poultry products.  Seafood products are double bagged so they are able to breathe per the health department’s recommendation.
Once your order arrives, remove it from the shipping container and promptly place in a refrigerator.  Contact us immediately if your packaging has been compromised in any way.
In order to maximize freshness, DO NOT break the vacuum seal on the items until the day before or the day you intend to use it.  Please follow the “use or freeze by” date on the label. However, regardless of this date, opened packages will only be fresh for 1-2 days.  
When you break the vacuum seal, gases are released from the bag which may smell like sulfur. This is normal. Let the bag air out for a minute or two and the smell should dissipate. We use no preservatives or additives, so our meat may have a more natural smell than what you are used to.
Furthermore, beef products may appear brownish in the vacuum sealed bag. This may be different than what you experience at the grocery store because we use no artificial colors or dyes. When you open the seal, and oxygen circulates around the meat, a more red or pinkish color will reappear.




PreSlicely is committed to sourcing the best quality meats to service you and your family.
PreSlicely currently offers All-Natural meat, never EVER raised with any hormones or antibiotics and a line of  family farm raised and grass fed meats. Please see the Meat Standards page for links to our farms and additional information.