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Order Deadlines

shipping deadlines

Please note: FedEx Home Delivery does not delivery on Sundays or Mondays.  

Due to FedEx Home Delivery's schedule we are never able to have packages scheduled for delivery on the following days corresponding with the following Ship Zones:

1-Day Ship Zone:  No Sunday or Monday deliveries. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

2-Day Ship Zone: No Sunday, Monday or Tuesday deliveries. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

3-Day Ship Zone: No Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday deliveries. (Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY deliveries)

Delivery beyond the 3 Day Ship Zone is not currently available. We apologize for any inconvenience.


FedEx Home Delivery is unable to deliver to all zip codes on Saturdays.  You can check out our shipping zip codes and Saturday restrictions here.

If you choose a delivery date on one of the days that is listed as a no-delivery day for your ship zone then we will ship your order to you to arrive on the earliest day possible prior to your chosen date (if possible).

If we for any reason cannot ship your order to arrive on or prior to your chosen delivery date than we will schedule it for the next available delivery date and email you with the updated delivery information. (This generally only happens when orders are placed after the required lead times stated above)

All orders that are marked as GROUP EVENTS (you choose this option in your shopping cart) will be shipped directly to each CUSTOMER’S HOME to arrive a minimum one day BEFORE the event. 

All orders that are marked as INDIVIDUAL ORDER/REORDER (you choose this option in your shopping cart) will be shipped directly to each CUSTOMER’S HOME to arrive on the date requested (if possible, see delivery schedules above). 

Example: If you are in our 2-day shipping zone, without Saturday delivery, and have a group event on Tuesday, we will have your order arrive the previous FRIDAY before your group event. Your meat will stay fresh in the vacuum sealed packaging in a refrigerator.

If you have questions about a particular party, please don't hesitate to reach out to for assistance and we will be happy to suggest an ideal arrival date for your customers.

Before you order, please verify the address and the availability of your shipping location. 

We recommend always using a RESIDENTIAL delivery address. Fed Ex only offers Saturday delivery to residential addresses and does not guarantee delivery times. Fed Ex policy allows us to waive the signature requirement on residential deliveries only. They will not leave packages at a commercial or business address without a signature. If you choose to ship to a commercial or business address and the business is closed or unavailable when a delivery attempt is made, we cannot be responsible for any delays caused. 

We are unable to guarantee a specific delivery date due to an incorrect address, weather delays, alien invasion and/or FedEx service disruption (all of which are out of our control).


***Due to the customized perishable items in our kits, orders CANNOT be cancelled or changed within 2 business days of the SHIP date (date product leaves our facility) We apologize for any inconvenience. If changes are required less than 2 business days from the SHIP date additional charges may apply***