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Are you ready for your dream meat partner!?!  Introducing PreSlicely!  I created PreSlicely to support YOU and your customers in JUST the way YOU need to help your business EXPLODE! 
Why PreSlicely?
  • You can TRUST our quality and professionalism.  We believe in 100% transparency in our processes and standards.  We only source the highest quality meat from farms that never EVER use antibiotics or hormones, and humanely raise and slaughter their animals.  We also professionally correspond with your hostesses and copy you on ALL communication so you are effortlessly kept up to date on the status of the party.
  • We LISTEN to your needs!  We deliver in strong and sturdy plastic delivery bags with handles and a professional itemized customer receipt.  If your customer is missing an item, rest assured we will MAKE IT RIGHT with a prompt replacement or refund.
  • We SUPPORT you with business tools and resources like our Affiliate Program (contact us to register for this exciting program exclusive to WT Reps only) to help you communicate with your customers and save you time.  
  • We help you GROW by offering services to your customers such as:
    • No pork, no seafood and no bone-in/dark chicken standard substitutions
    • Make Fresh Dinner Meat Packs and the ability to add on extra chicken breast or ground beef to their orders so they can "use up" all the products in one quick meal prep session.
    • Easy individual re-ordering so your customers can make a second set of meals and continue to use your Wildtree products again and again!
    • A coupon for repeat customers to keep them coming back for more meal prep with you!

Shipping Program:

Now your out of town guests can enjoy our meat service and your local customers can reorder regularly! As you can see on the map shown below, we will be able to service your customers within the pink and teal areas of the map. You can also click here to view a list of our zip codes

Please note that we ship to the customer's home address (not to the host) to arrive the DAY BEFORE the workshop. This will prevent the hostess from having to keep multiple packs cool as well as allow for FedEx Delivery flexibility.

We have spent months meeting with packaging engineers and testing shipments to make sure we have the absolute best and most reliable shipping program around. Here are a few of the features that we are REALLY proud of:

  1. We have partnered with an experienced perishable shipping company who will personally be tracking all of the orders and notifying both the customer and the PreSlicely team of the status of every shipment. 
  2. Thanks to our strategic partnership, we have been able to negotiate phenomenal rates for FedEx Home Delivery. In an attempt to keep prices as low as possible for our customers, we are absorbing some of the total cost.