Customize Proteins

Customize Proteins

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 Click HERE to customize your protein order.

Want to skip the grocery store and have your proteins delivered directly to your door? Choose the protein, meat grade and prep just the way you want it!

  • Value: In a conventional grocery store this may be advertised as "natural". The emphasis of this line is to enjoy the convenience of our service on a budget. Products in this line are raised humanely, not injected with any growth hormones and are fed vegetarian diets. Chickens are raised cage free and treated with antibiotics if necessary. Fish & Seafood is wild caught.
  • Natural: Hormone free & NEVER EVER any Antibiotics used, ABF certified, Humanely raised, Vegetarian Fed, no preservatives or dyes Chicken, Beef, Pork & Turkey, and Wild Caught Fish & Seafood
  • Family Farm: 100% Grass Fed Beef, GMO FREE & Pasture raised Pork  & Chicken, and Wild Caught Seafood and Fish

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