Monday to Friday Dinner Collection Bundle

Monday to Friday Dinner Collection Bundle

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The Monday to Friday Dinner Collection Bundle includes all of the meat, groceries and fresh ingredients needed for cooking the following Epicure Recipes:

Veggie Burger Dinner
Big Burger Sauce
3 Onion Dip Side
Mac n Cheese Dinner
Balsamic Viniagrette Dressing
Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Dinner
Guacamole Side
Beef Stroganoff Dinner
Beef Tacos Dinner
Poco Picante Salsa Side

Choose from 2, 4 or 6 servings. 

These recipes will require additional products that are not available through PreSlicely. Epicure brand products are available from your Consultant and are not included in this bundle. Please contact you Consultant for assistance with Epicure brand products.

**Please note: Some of the produce items cannot be prepped ahead and must be sliced and diced fresh right before cooking. These items will be sent to you whole so you can follow the recipe instructions as needed.  

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